Healing Beth’tilac


Beth’tilac (Beth) is a 2 phase fight with slightly different healing needs in each phase.  My guild uses a modified strategy on this boss that simplifies this fight.  Raid damage is extremely high for this fight, yielding high HPS requirements.

  • Phase 1: Beth goes up to the top of the web above us and continuously damages the raid with Venom Rain.  This is very consistent raid damage with an 8 second break every minute or so.  During the constant damage, one tank will entertain drones while another helps out with the other adds.  Most of the raid stacks in one spot.
  • Phase 2:  At the 4 minute mark, Beth will drop down and begin Phase 2.  This a regular tank and spank with the 2 tanks alternating on the boss and the rest of the raid stacked together behind Beth.  Raid damage increases as Beth builds stacks of Frenzy.  Raid cooldowns are rotated beginning at 20 stacks.  Coordination of mana regen cooldowns is also extremely helpful on this fight.

This is currently a  6 1/2 to 7 1/2 minute fight for us.

Healing Assignments:

  • Tank Healer
  • Raid Healers (2)

Tank Healer:

  • In Phase 1, watch the tank on the drones.  They will take a little bit of damage, but it is light compared to phase 2.
  • Help out with raid heals / shields where possible during phase 1.
  • During phase 2, tank damage increases greatly.  Focus attention on the tank.
  • Coordinate any raid healing / damage reduction cooldowns with the other healers starting at 20 stacks.

Raid Healers:

  • In Phase 1, one raid healer will be designated to keep a closer eye on the off tank.
  • The other healer will likely want to keep an eye on the dps going after spiderlings.  Be careful as they may be pulling out of range.
  • Use mana efficient raid heals to keep the raid topped off using the least amount of mana possible (you’ll need it in phase 2, trust me)
  • Damage gets increasing worse in phase 2, ramping up continously.  Use your biggest raid heals that can be maintained
  • In Phase 2, keep some sort of extra healing spell on the tank (POM, Lifebloom, Earthshield, Beacon, etc)
  • Coordinate any raid healing / damage reduction cooldowns with the other healers starting at 20 stacks.
  • Heal your butt off!

Additional Thoughts:

  • In phase 1, if the raid takes huge damage all of a sudden, it is likely a drone was not turned away from the raid.
  • I like to use my Shadow Fiend / Hymn of Hope combination for mana regeneration on the Drone that is up right before the transition to phase 2.  If you don’t start your fiend on a Drone with full health, you might not get full use out of it since the other mobs die quickly.  Using it in Phase 1 also keeps me from having to take time out of healing in phase 2.
  • Once I got my 4 piece T11 set bonus, I switched to healing this on Holy.  It is probably a draw as to whether or not Holy or Disc is better, but I feel like Holy stabilizes the raid a little more.   If I am designated as tank healer, then I go Discipline.
  • I know it might seem counter-intuitive to use the “all down” approach which increases raid damage; however, it basically trivializes the fight.  It’s almost like playing my mage.  I don’t have to think about changing situations with different kinds of damage.  I just truly raid heal the hole time.  If your group struggles with learning new fights and getting certain adds down in a specific order and dodging things on the ground, this method is for you.
  • I don’t really bother with watching any debuffs other than the stacking buff on Beth’tilac (I should check to see if this is a buff on the boss or a debuff on us).  At 20 we start managing raid healing/mitigation cooldowns.

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