Firelands Guides

The guides I am writing are generally from the perspective of a healer and may need to vary slightly based on the overall strategy driven by the raid leader.   The information is directed toward an average player and helping them learn the 10 man normal versions of the encounters.  Hopefully these guides will help the average player (including myself) take control of the encounter through knowledge and grow toward being an exceptional player.

My guild recently defeated Alysrazor, making us 5/7 now.  I will be updating my guide pages to cover Rhyolith and Alysrazor soon.   I will also try to include more posts regarding the learning process.  If you would like to see any of the logs from our recent raids, please check them out: World of Logs for Acceptable Losses.

Healing Strategy

Healing Shannox

Healing Beth’tilac

Healing Baleroc

Healing Lord Rhyolith

Healing Alysrazor – I’m being lazy – Check out Cannot Be Tamed: How to Heal: Alysrazor (25N)*

Healing Alysrazor – I’m being lazy – Check out Cannot Be Tamed: How to Heal: Majordomo Staghelm (25N)*

Healing Ragnaros

General Strategy and Video Guides

In progress


While researching encounters, I am gathering information from many sources and trying to piece together the information that is most meaningful to me.   I will attempt to always provide links to the many sources from my research.  My intention is not to copy information from these sources (unless I am quoting them).

Sources of Information

I absolutely love the healing write-ups at Cannot Be Tamed.  I hope my write-ups will eventually be as clean and easy to follow as hers without just looking like I’m copying her material.

*Cannot Be Tamed has great healing explanations with Druid-specific instructions.

I also use the forums threads at Plus Heal as a huge source of information when trying to put a fight together in my head.

Happy Raiding!



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