Last week I resurrected Daffnae as a Medic in the new game Wildstar. I’ve been officially off WoW for about 7 months, but it’s been nearly 18 months since our old raiding group disbanded. First I should say something about making friends in games. It can be amazing and it can also be frustrating when … Continue reading

Affeena’s Resto Druid Weak Auras

Patch 5.0.4 brought many changes to the game and our characters.   With this change, Power Auras went through some changes that wiped out existing Power Auras that I had grown to rely on.  I used this time of change to embrace Weak Auras.

Casual Raiding Loot Rules

Determining loot rules that keep everyone happy seems to be one of the biggest guild / raid challenges.  While keeping all raiders happy may be a stretch, we should at least hope everyone feels comfortable with the loot rules and no one  feels as though he/she has being cheated in some way. Underlying Goals and … Continue reading

Mage Madness – Arcane Explosion Edition

In my Mage Madness – The Basics post, I covered the basics for single-target dps.  Now it’s time to discuss AOE damage.  Trust me, it’s just as much fun as single-target.  It’s just a different button.  If you want to skip the text below, my message is: “Seriously, stop using Blizzard!  It’s so ICC.” Getting … Continue reading

Learning Ragnaros – The Kill

We finally killed Ragnaros last night.  It was a great feeling to get Rag down.  Here is an update on my learning process for this encounter. Phase I – Complete We are consistently getting past phase I with only the random wipes during this phase.  The following summarizes some key aspects of this phase. Tanks … Continue reading

Learning Ragnaros

Ragnaros may have been nerfed, but he’s still not a push-over for casual raiding guilds like ours.  I thought I’d start to document our learning process with updates as we make progress.    I’ll focus on the phases of the fight. Phase I – Complete We are consistently getting past phase I with only the random … Continue reading

Alysrazor Recap – Honey Badger Edition

We were learning the Alysrazor encounter the same week the guild was introduced to the Honey Badger (and Randall).  Honey badger references definitely helped the morale as we struggled with the mechanics of the fight.  Watch the video first and then read my attempt at humor that was originally posted in our guild forums. The … Continue reading

Learning Baleroc

Baleroc is a simple boss fight made complicated by a couple of mechanics.  Basic knowledge of these mechanics can make this fight manageable.  In depth knowledge of the mechanics makes this fight simple. The details needed to provide an in depth knowledge of the mechanics may be a little overwhelming at first, but the frustration … Continue reading

Daffnae’s New Blog

Hi!  I’m Daffnae. Daffnae is my dwarf priest on the Dalaran realm of World of Warcraft. Until recently, I was running the Web site for my guild.  I posted guild information, raiding strategy and raiding rules / etiquette. A few guild members visited the site regularly, but mostly the site was my own playground for … Continue reading