My handy work

My handy work

Last week I resurrected Daffnae as a Medic in the new game Wildstar. I’ve been officially off WoW for about 7 months, but it’s been nearly 18 months since our old raiding group disbanded.

First I should say something about making friends in games. It can be amazing and it can also be frustrating when you realize people aren’t the people you thought they were. I am lucky that my last raiding group in WoW included many people that I still consider my friends today. Guild chat was replaced with Skype chat, and we stay in touch even without the game connection.

The release of Wildstar has given me a reason to dabble in gaming again. I didn’t realize I missed it so much. Two of our closest game friends have also joined us to give it a try.

Here is my brief summary of Wildstar so far:

  • Wow, this looks amazing
  • It’s so fun to double-tap and dodge enemy strikes
  • OK, maybe all of this new stuff is a little overwhelming
  • Oh crap, I’m really overwhelmed!
  • Finally, professions (or whatever they call it)! Survivalist and Outfitter
  • Oh, there is so much peace in farming mats as a survivalist. Leveling can wait. I must chainsaw trees!
  • Houses are cool! OMG they are so cool. I need more stuff!
  • Wait, Architects make stuff for homes? Switching professions now. Survivalist and Architect now.
  • Every minute of the game is now dedicated to farming mats and leveling as an architect. I will level again when needed to progress my professions.
  • Hmmm…I can make bushes. I wonder if I can make a hedge maze on my property? The answer is yes. It just means I have to craft about 200 bushes with one of the most rare herbs.
  • I have my hedge maze. I think I’m done now. Still loving the game!

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