Save the Mages!

Everyone needs a charity or cause to fight for.  I’m realizing that my new purpose in life is saving the the Arcane Mages that can’t seem to break 10K dps.

Random Heroics

I don’t run many random 5-mans these days, but it was back-to-back encounters in 5-mans that prompted my Mage Madness series of posts.  Last night I had 3 back-to-back randoms with mages doing 8 – 9K dps (or less).  If the main issue is that they lack Mage Armor, I always make a point to whisper them with the helpful hint to switch armor.   Last night, the issue was a little different.

Issue: Using Arcane Missiles every time it procs; no burn phase.

Result: The mage was maintaining almost 100% mana the entire instance, but dps was very low.  In some cases they would cast Arcane Missiles twice in a row, obviously because it proc’ed from the first one.

Solution:  These mages needed an introduction to the burn phase and also advanced knowledge of how to use AM during the conservation phase.

Unfortunately, the solution was not a simple hint that could be provided in a whisper between pulls.  They dropped group fast after the random, so I didn’t have an opportunity to chat with them afterward.

I’ll need to decide if I should be reaching out to people in randoms with suggestions or not.   Part of me thinks I am obligated to try to provide helpful hints during randoms, but part of me thinks that doing so will look like I’m being elitist and trying to tell people how to play, in a negative way.

The WoW Forums

I recently started browsing the WoW forums more.  I am amazed at how many people are asking for help with their Arcane dps.  It’s amazing that we have the reputation of the easiest class, yet so many people struggle with it.  I found myself willing to reply in the forums for the first time ever.  I just couldn’t sit back and not help these people.  I’m sure it takes guts to ask for help in a public forum where people may end up making fun of you.  This is what really struck me and made me realize my new purpose in life.

Even though I’ve made the big leap of actually replying in the forums, I haven’t felt comfortable posting the links to my mage write-ups here.  Maybe some day I’ll feel confident enough to spread my info more.  I hope people do find my site and hopefully find the information helpful.  I just don’t want to put it in front of the WoW forums for others to rip me apart.

I think I’ve responded to about 3 posts so far.  It seems like there are about 2 or 3 new “Help my DPS” posts each day.

Other Mage News

Mojjee made her Ragnaros debut this week and managed to get the kill with our new guild.  It was tons of fun.  We had 10 attempts, so I got plenty of practice perfecting some Ragnaros techniques:

  1. Blink as I’m setting off the trap to prevent lost time being shot into the air (keeping slow fall handy in case I mess it up).
  2. Save POM for the adds on the transition phases.  My rotation is: POM + Arcane Blast; Arcane Blast + Arcane Barrage to get it to 50% and then Arcane Blast, Arcane Blast, etc to get it down and help out to finish off any others.
  3. When I know I will need to move a long distance over a period of time (repositioning in phase I for traps), I try to take a step or 2 at a time and cast again so I didn’t lose my stacks of AB.  In general I was also getting a feel for the movement and how to fit in some burn phases that don’t get split up by all the movement.  This is definitely a challenge and impacts good dps.

In the end, I was fairly pleased with my performance considering my gear level, but I still have so much to learn.  My research in hopes of becoming the best mage ever continues.

Since my new guild has really strong healers already and we have 3 alt mages that run together on Saturday (except when I’m on a healer), I might offer to make Mojjee my raiding main when they need me in the main runs and then plan on healing in the alt runs on either Daff or Affeena.  If they end up having a moment of need for a healer, I will always have an extra healer available.

Happy Raiding!


2 Responses to “Save the Mages!”
  1. gbrat says:

    I’m guessing we talkin boss kills, otherwize, I still need to use missiles on trash or by the time blast casts, my target is already dead or near dead. At least if I use it when it procs I can get some damage.
    But boss fights yea, The last two mages I seen in dungeon were never in burn.

    lev 70 arcane

    • daffnae says:

      I was indeed speaking of the level 85 heroics. Trash still seems to be up just long enough for good bursting, but the bosses can be totally fun since the fights usually don’t last long enough to need to conserve.

      I think I know what you mean with the lower level 5 mans. I was trying to smite heal one the other day and by the time I could get a smite off the target would be dead.

      Thanks for the comment!

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