Learning Ragnaros

Ragnaros may have been nerfed, but he’s still not a push-over for casual raiding guilds like ours.  I thought I’d start to document our learning process with updates as we make progress.    I’ll focus on the phases of the fight.

Phase I – Complete

We are consistently getting past phase I with only the random wipes during this phase.  The following summarizes some key aspects of this phase.

  • Tanks swap based on stacks of Burning Wound with fairly heavy tank healing (watch your range on the tanks)
  • Hand of Ragnaros does a 20K in damage plus knock back on the melee (and range if close enough).  Watch the DBM timers for this spell for 1) timing the traps since it will double up the 20K damage with the 50K trap damage; 2) timing of Sulfurus Smash since it will knock you back and may mess up your plan to avoid waves; 3) your position with relation to a trap so you don’t get knocked back into one.
  • Magma Traps are periodically positioned on a player.    The targeted player moves out of the way and the traps are specifically triggered by the designated player when raid health is high (everyone will take 50K when triggered).  This will be the focus of the raid healer.  Heal up the other damage to raid members before the trap is triggered, then heal up the trap damage afterward.  The player assigned to trigger the traps should have some sort of fall mitigation: Priests, Mages, Hunters (using disengage, maybe), Rogues (with shield), Warriors (maybe).
  • Sufurus Smash is the hammer that comes down with the three waves emanating for smash point.  The smash point is clearly visible with a yellow/orange three pronged circle on the floor before the smash occurs.  Getting hit by the hammer won’t quite kill you these days, but you should consider it as causing a wipe if you do get hit…so don’t get hit.  It’s seriously easy to avoid.  The waves coming out of the smash are just as easy to avoid.    The three prongs of the indicator on the ground clearly mark the direction of the waves which are always in the same pattern: 2 waves going out to the left and right (one in each direction to form a line tangent to the edge of the circle around Rag, offset slightly form the circle) and one wave that move directly away from Rag at the point of the smash.

Phase I Transition – Needs Work

The Phase I transition is still quite painful.  This is the phase where the hammer comes down and Sons of Flame spawn and run to the hammer.  When they reach the hammer, massive damage goes out to the raid.

Here are the challenges we are seeing:

  • Mob assignments need to be clear
  • Players need to be able to find their mobs
  • Players need to perfect damaging their mobs to 50% fast and working together to get the mobs to 50% and subsequently killed
  • Players need to recognize where the hammer impact point will be and make adjustments as necessary based on position

Phase II – Needs Work

We haven’t spent much time in phase II, but I will highlight the items we are working on.

  • Pick a side for our initial meet up point but stay 6 yards apart
  • Wait for the red ball to appear then move quickly to the next meet up point
  • The secondary meet up point will be more grouped up.  It doesn’t need to be all the way across the platform, but should be some distance away.  The center should suffice.
  • Molten Elementals will hit everyone with initial AOE damage when they spawn and (ranging from 6K to 20K based on distance), then continue to hit players hard with melee damage.  AOE them down fast while heavy AOE heals keep everyone up.
  • Dodge the burning areas on the floor that cover 1/3 of the room at a time.  These will be circular bands.  Simply step to the next area that’s not covered at the time.
  • Repeat the movement when the adds come out to stay together, but  6 yard apart and then move once the circles come out to get away and group up to kill the adds and raid heal.

Phase II Transition – Not There Yet

This phase is similar to the Phase I Transition, and will pose the same challenges with the addition of two new adds that will spawn and need to be tanked while the other adds are killed quickly.

Phase III – Not There Yet

I’ll hold off on describing this phase for now.


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