Alysrazor Recap – Honey Badger Edition

We were learning the Alysrazor encounter the same week the guild was introduced to the Honey Badger (and Randall).  Honey badger references definitely helped the morale as we struggled with the mechanics of the fight.  Watch the video first and then read my attempt at humor that was originally posted in our guild forums.

The Honey Badger

Warning – The following video contains bad language (for humor and emphasis) and scenes that will likely make you think or say “Ew!”.  Honey Badger doesn’t care, and you likely won’t either.

Randall’s version of the Alysrazor fight

  • Look at them all huddled in the corner.  Honey Badger wouldn’t huddle in the corner.  He’d rip that bird out of the sky.
  • Oh, look at those eggs…those big eggs…by the eggs.  Honey badger would eat them and…
  • Oh my!  They hatched.  Those birds are nasty!
  • Look at those birds. They’re angry when they are hungry.  Look at them eat the heads off those worms.  That’s nasty.
  • What’s that?  Tornadoes?  Where the !@#$# did those come from?
  • Look at them run from the tornadoes.  Honey badger wouldn’t run.  If he did, it would be in slow motion.
  • The big bird is tired now.  Honey badger must have tired it out for them.  Look at them all gathered together to beat it while it’s down.
  • Oh crap!  It’s back up!  Where’s Honey badger to finish him off?
  • Honey badger don’t care!  He’ll keep doing this over and over again until the bird dies.
Happy Raiding!

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