Wipe Analysis – Too Much Damage Edition

Wipes happen (a lot), and it seems like people say the same things or ask the same questions each time without really addressing the issues.  I am starting a series of posts to address some of the most common scenarios and provide meaningful ways to address each one.

“People are taking too much damage” – Healer

While it may be the case that the raid is making it harder to heal by taking unavoidable damage, you need to be able to back this statement up with facts and provide solutions.

Do Your Homework

You need to know the different kinds of damage during the encounter and whether or not it’s avoidable.  Here are some examples based on the Shannox encounter.

Avoidable Damage

Magma Rupture – “Deals 76000 to 84000 Fire damage to enemies in the blast.”  This is the swirl of flames coming up from the ground when the spear is thrown.  You have a short time to move away before it damages you.  If choosing between a trap and the flame, you might choose the flame, but in general this is totally avoidable.  See also the other version of Magma Rupture under Unavoidable Damage.

Immolation Trap – “Place a fire trap that will burn the first enemy to approach for Fire damage over 9 sec.” An immolation trap is one of the two types of traps being places on the ground throughout the fight.  This should be totally avoidable; however, expect one or two people to hit t trap at some point in the fight.

Unavoidable Damage

Magma Flare –  “Inflicts Fire damage to enemies within 50 yards.”  This hits everyone (withing 50 yards) with 30K to 50K damage when Shannox throws his spear.  It is easily times and doesn’t pose an immediate threat to most raid members, allowing plenty of time to heal it up.

Magma Rupture – “Causes a massive explosion of magma, dealing 47500 to 52500 Fire damage to all nearby enemies, increasing Fire damage taken by 40% for 1 min, and triggering eruptions of magma.”  Magma Rupture is a little different in the final phase of the fight, now doing repeated “massive” raid damage to everyone.  This is one of the healing challenges of the fight.  NOTE: this is the Magma Rupture in the picture above that is doing more damage.

Check the logs

Before you make a general statement like this, check the logs.  Hopefully your guild is running logs in a real-time mode and you can ask for a few minutes to check out the damage between attempts.  Next you need to know how to use the logs to see who is taking unavoidable damage and if it is contributing to the wipe.

The fastest way to check damage take is under the “Analyze” menu.  Selected Damage Taken to see a chart similar to the picture above.  Once you know which spells are avoidable and which aren’t, you can quickly mouse over the spell name and see who is taking the most damage from the spell.  Click on the spell for more details.

Lessons Learned

If you are the healer making this statement, doing your homework and checking the logs will give weight to your statement and hopefully you can help your raid learn how to better avoid the damage to give your healers a chance.

Don’t be the healer complaining about damage taken, only to have someone point out later that the raid is doing everything they can and that the healers just need to find ways to heal through the unavoidable damage.


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