Why Daffnae?

The History of Daffnae

Someone asked me yesterday if I chose “Daffnae” because of the character on Scooby Doo.  I did not.

My real name is derived from Daphne of the Laurel tree in Greek mythology, so I have always had a fondness for this name.  Therefore, I wanted Daphne to be my first character name.  It was sort of like naming her after myself, but without using my real name. “Daphne”, of course, was taken, so I changed it slightly to be “Daphnae”.

Daphne is also the name of one of my cats (obviously I like the name).  This is the connection to the naming convention for may other characters.

Daffnae actually started as “Daphnae” in January 2006 as a human priest.  WoW had been out about a year, and Duck had been playing for most of that time.    After a year of watching over Duck’s shoulder, we decided to invest in a second computer so I could play with him.  Unfortunately, Dalaran was a highly populated, and therefore closed, server at the time.  I had paid for the game and an account, but I couldn’t play the game with my husband.  This is were I, an avid rule follower, broke the rules. A friend of a friend (in-game) was quitting the game.  He offered his account for me to use.  Because he already had toons on Dalaran, I was able to start a new character on the server.  Daphnae was born.

I was a slow leveler…very slow.  I reached level 52 in November 2006, about the time they were announcing the first expansion.   And then the day came that the original account holder decided to start playing again.  It was sad, but Daphnae had to be retired.  I didn’t delete her off the other account.  I figured the other person could continue to level her if he wanted to.  I left her nearly naked and embarrassed in Iron Forge.  (This nearly killed me by the way)

“Daffnae” was born again, this time as a Dwarf priest (now that I knew Fear Ward was important – that was an evil trick by Blizzard) and “ff” instead of “ph”.  I painfully leveled her again at my slow pace.  I was behind in the race to 70 at the time of the expansion, but I got there eventually and got my first taste of raiding in Karazhan.

If you think of me as “Mrs. Duck” or “Daffnae Duck”, then the name actually seems kind of clever…Daffy Duck…hee hee.  However, Duck’s chosen name in the game played no part in my name selection, and I don’t think I figured out the Daffy Duck cleverness until 2 years later.  With respect to Scooby Doo, I’m probably more like Velma, but I don’t see a Velma character in my future.

My Naming Philosophy

I have two naming conventions in the game: Alts that I play and Bank Alts.

Alts that I play are named after our cats, building off of my original toon: Daffnae.  Affeena is named after Athena (maintaining the “ff” from Daffnae and the “ee” from my bank alts).  Mojjee is named after Mojo.  I also have a Spydee, named after Spider, that doesn’t get played yet, and also Eadee, named after Edgar.

My names for bank alts are a little different:

  • Mattee holds general mats
  • Jemmee holds gems
  • Erbee hold herbs
  • Sparklee holds enchanting mats

How do you pick your character names?


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