Daffnae’s New Blog

Hi!  I’m Daffnae.

Daffnae is my dwarf priest on the Dalaran realm of World of Warcraft.

Until recently, I was running the Web site for my guild.  I posted guild information, raiding strategy and raiding rules / etiquette. A few guild members visited the site regularly, but mostly the site was my own playground for gathering my thoughts related to raiding and posting them in a place that others might also benefit from the information.

I decommissioned my Web site when I left my long-time guild (2006 to 2011), and now I have found that I miss posting my thoughts.  Instead of hosting my own Web site like I was doing for my old guild, I’ve decided to try the free WordPress option…so this is the start of my new blog.

I don’t intend to have others reading the blog on a regular basis, but if you have found yourself here by accident or other means, you are welcome to browse around and see if you find anything interesting on the site.  Obviously, there isn’t much on the site right now, but I’ll be slowly filling it out.

Happy Raiding!



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